ACA Compliance Services for Small Businesses

Large and small businesses benefit by outsourcing their payroll processing to a company that specializes in the task. Pinpay streamlines payroll processing for businesses, which can help companies decrease their administrative costs. Furthermore, with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, payroll processing has become more complex. Business managers who choose to outsource their payroll processing to can eliminate their concerns about including the ACA requirements for their employees because Pinpay has updated its software to ensure that its clients abide by the new regulations.

Payroll Processing System for ACA Compliance

Pinpay Payroll Express was set up to simplify the inclusion of the ACA for businesses that have fewer than 50 employees. The ACA does not require small businesses to offer health insurance for their workers, but the law does require them to comply with specific regulations if they do decide to provide benefits. Pinpay Payroll Express is a separate sector of the payroll company, and it focuses on ACA reporting and tracking for small businesses. provides the same service for large businesses.

To be compliant with the ACA, companies that employ at least 50 people are required to offer their full time workers healthcare. With the law in place, businesses are facing changes in the way that they process paycheck deductions, payroll and W-2 forms. Pinpay will make sure that businesses are properly regulating the contribution amount that their employees can allocate to their flexible spending accounts. In addition, companies may need to increase the Medicare withholding amount for some employees and fill out a different set of IRS reporting forms if they decide to offer specific insurance plans. Also, the ACA may require some businesses to modify the waiting period for benefits.

Business owners and managers should keep in mind that the ACA’s new regulations may complicate their payroll processing system, and as a result, they could spend valuable time updating their network to ensure compliance. Instead, company owners and managers should consider the benefits of working with a payroll processing company that has already updated its systems to ensure ACA compliance for every business that it works with. If a large company doesn’t currently offer benefits for its employees, then the business owner or manager must research and select the right health benefits for the company to comply with the ACA. With Pinpay’s service, they can save time when adding the healthcare program to their payroll.

Processing Details

Pinpay Payroll Express set up its ACA compliance network through cloud based software for the most up-to-date features. With the payroll company’s software, small business owners have instant access to their employees’ payroll records. In addition, Pinpay provides business owners and managers with as much payroll access as they prefer, but the payroll company will take care of the ACA’s detailed requirements such as sending in the health insurance premiums that have been taken out of their employees’ paychecks as well as updating IRS withholdings and reporting information. Pinpay can also complete the premium-withheld section on a business’s W-4 forms every year.

About Pinpay

Pinpay provides an assortment of payroll services including payroll distribution and tax compliance options. It also stores employee information. The company tracks employee work hours, progress reports and training requirements as well as employee enrollment for benefits. Pinpay also supplies payroll-processing features like check mailing, direct deposit, worker’s compensation payments and child support payments.

Conclusion will make sure that small and large businesses are following the ACA’s new regulations. Furthermore, the service is convenient, and it will let business owners and managers spend their valuable time working to grow their company instead of maintaining the business’s small administrative details.

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