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CalculatorManaging payroll tax payments can be a frustrating task, and people often mishandle their accounts due to lack of experience. The tax experts at Pinnacle can lessen the responsibilities of tax reporting by assisting clients with their various needs. Regardless of the complexity of your payroll taxes, our team of specialists will handle your situation with skill, respect and professionalism.

Payroll clients who have to file their taxes for more than one state may need help sending out the proper forms. This can lead to confusion for anyone who isn’t familiar with the various laws that change from state to state. Pinnacle’s Payroll Tax Service will speedily manage each tax statement for you and report the necessary information to the proper tax authorities.

Not only can the Pinnacle team assist you with filing for multiple states, our staff will alleviate the burden of handling numerous payroll cycles. We also stay informed on any changes made by the government regarding tax issues. You will not need to waste valuable time attempting to decode confusing documents, which reduces the chance of any errors occurring.

If a tax professional at Pinnacle makes a mistake processing or submitting your forms, we will take full responsibility. Any penalty fees or interest accrued due to our oversight or error will be taken care of by our company. Whether we pay the fee or attempt to have the charges dismissed, our goal is to avoid inconveniencing you.

Once you select Pinnacle as your payroll tax service provider, we will begin handling your tax funds. We will likely withdraw from your account the day prior to the check date in order to ensure both employer and employee taxes are managed correctly. The monies will be distributed to the proper state or federal tax department. Any tax notices you may receive will be redirected to our team so the issue can be settled appropriately.

By choosing Pinnacle payroll tax services, you can avoid the common problems companies make when filing. We can prevent many processing issues so you don’t encounter penalties. Our staff will report your tax information judiciously and promptly. Regardless of the number of states you conduct business in, the skilled and knowledgeable tax authorities at Pinnacle will handle your filing needs with the proper attention and care.

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